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Awakening to Remember #1

Awakening to Remember #1 - June 18, 2019
Maurice Turmel - AKA: “Dr Moe”

Hi there, I’m Maurice Turmel, retired psychologist and professional seeker on the path to who knows where, wondering if I’m a Lightworker, Starseed or simply an Ascension seeker as I go through this barrage of energy hitting us all lately and making many of us a bit loopy.

I’ve had lonely times, anxious times, difficulties sleeping, chaotic dreams and a whole host of symptoms related to this Ascension process. And I’ve asked myself often: am I a Lightworker, Starseed or something else I can’t identify just yet, getting different answers on different days.

I’ve dealt with with personal trauma from childhood forward, cried buckets of tears to relieve myself of that pain, determined to do the healing necessary along the way.  I’ve opened my heart as regularly suggested and kept finding a host of pain relics that I didn’t know existed.  Are we done yet?

I’ve deep breathed.  I’ve meditated.  I’ve done stress tapping for anxiety. I’ve listened to a host of recorded programs coming from people with different specialties in the spiritual healing arts.  I’ve done 45+ years of personal growth work and became a psychologist along the way thinking that was my purpose. And it was, for a little while.  Yup, back to the drawing board.

So here’s the deal.  I’m asking questions so I can determine that I’m not alone.  If you’re on this path then please jump in and share some of your story as I’ve started to do here.  Here are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself along the way.  See if any of them fit you.

Are you a Lightworker, Starseed, or some other category of seeker out on this journey to help the Earth and all of us aboard to ascend?

Are you feeling lonely and scared some of the time, not certain what to make of what’s going on inside you as the energies keep coming in?

Are you a seeker who feels you have a mission, but its not quite clear to you what that is yet?

Do you feel lost or confused with this barrage of spiritual information coming at you from so many directions, most of it being online?

Are you listening to your heart yet, or finding it hard to get past the noise your ego wants to make when you tune into your inner world?

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms that I listed at the beginning of this post that have been some of the more familiar stepping stones so far?

This is just a trial balloon, a beginning, to see what we might have in common in terms of experiences related to this Ascension process and our participation in it.

We read articles and posts every day about what we’re allegedly going through, but we rarely get asked what is going on with us.

So I’m trying to start a conversation here.  I believe we’re stronger working together while sharing aspects of our journey.  And I believe that sharing can be a great stress reliever.  What do you think?

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Awakening to Remember #1

Awakening to Remember #1 - June 18, 2019 Maurice Turmel - AKA: “Dr Moe” Hi there, I’m Maurice Turmel, retired psychologist and pr...